Tofu Onew
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Hi there everyone! This blog contains a lot of me yelling over Korean singers. I post a lot of SHINee, BTS, EXO, VIXX, and f(x). I sometimes post about Big Bang, SNSD, and Got7 as well. If you have any band recommendations, please do so! Ruin my life more, why don't you.
Onew is my ultimate, top tier bias. He's a dumb prince. Kris will always be my galaxy. He's my style. J-hope is an idiot. But he's a man after my own heart. Leo is a precious baby. He's my quiet, violent loser. Chanyeol is a charming little shit. He can play the piano for me anytime. Dongwoo is a sweetheart. His smile lights up the damn world.
This love, this love, I swear that it's deliCIOUS





This is so true it’s not even funny.



endless list of favorite mvs · on and on / vixx

get to know me - favourite boy groups ✿

↳ 4/5 infinite

“Each member has their own position and if we all do our part, I believe that there’s nothing we can’t do. We feel really touched when a member’s own name is called or if their own fan amount increases. Although it’s cliche, we only have the mind to do better.” Sungyeol, Infinite.”