Tofu Onew
jess, 18, meme
Hi there everyone! This blog contains a lot of me yelling over Korean singers. I post a lot of SHINee, BTS, EXO, VIXX, and f(x). I sometimes post about Big Bang, SNSD, and Got7 as well. If you have any band recommendations, please do so! Ruin my life more, why don't you.
Onew is my ultimate, top tier bias. He's a dumb prince. Kris will always be my galaxy. He's my style. J-hope is an idiot. But he's a man after my own heart. Leo is a precious baby. He's my quiet, violent loser.
Someone needs to get Onew some damn chicken.

Some things just don’t change…

if hoseok was your boyfriend | requested by hope-vixx!